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Preventing Mail Theft

Mail theft is an unfortunate reality in most of the country. Thieves drive around during the mid-day and night time looking for mail that has not yet been picked up. What are they looking for? Gift cards, credit card applications, and utility bills – pretty much anything that would allow them to steal your identity.

Take these steps to avoid being the victim of mail theft:

  1. Get a locking mailbox

This is one of the easiest steps you can take and also the most effective. While the cost of a locking mailbox varies (usually starting around $80) it can be enough of a deterrent to stop theft. If you live in a community with other neighbors, consider getting together with other neighbors and purchasing a community box. If a neighbor is handy, they can easily install the mailbox. One quick tip, be sure to check for postal service approved mailboxes. It usually requires some minor paperwork.

  1. Pick up mail frequently

Make it a habit to routinely pick up the mail as close to delivery time as possible. Most of us work throughout the day, so grab it on the way in from work. Do your best to not leave mail in the box until the next day.

  1. Avoid using the red flag

If there is one “red flag” (pun) for thieves, it is using your outgoing mailbox’s red flag. Simply waiting until the time the mailman is coming or even better, bringing your outgoing mail to work (with your postage paid already of course). This will ensure a secured delivery.

  1. Have a neighbor help you out from time-to-time

Do you know you have something valuable coming in the mail? Perhaps it is your birthday or around the holidays. Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail for you. Since the USPS is now delivering for Amazon on Sundays, if you have a small package coming, be sure to check your mailbox on Sundays for special deliveries.

Do you have other ideas about how mail theft could be avoided? Feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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Parental Liability

Our children quickly become the most important parts of our lives and our dreams suddenly become the dreams of our children. As we look at our own childhoods, we see the seemingly endless shenanigans we caused and while most of these things were harmless, they could be looked at now as liability concerns or outright against the law. In nearly all states, parents are solely responsible for the actions of their children. Not only property damages, but also personal injury that may be caused.

As parents it is important to ensure that your children understand the implications of their actions at an early age. While we can easily make the excuse that they’re just being children, we need to understand that as the adults we ensure their safety and the safety of others around them. Here are some simple examples where our children’s judgment can cause you a liability insurance claim.

  1. Swimming pools: The child who grows up with the swimming pool at their home becomes awfully popular in the summer time! Those hot summer days have other children begging to come over and take a dip! Ensuring that your child understands that other children are only allowed to come over when there is a parent there to supervise could save you not only from a tragic loss of life, but also a massive liability insurance claim. Consider a lock on your pool cover for those times when parents are not available.
  2. Matches, fireworks and other flammable materials: Children just seem to be drawn by the awe of fire. As a country we celebrate our independence with fireworks across the country. When children are allowed to have fireworks, there is a possibility they may use them in an unsafe manner when adults are not present. This could cause fires in neighborhoods, trees and fields – or even worse, personal injury. Be sure to keep your fireworks and other fire materials in a safe spot away from the curious eyes of your children.
  3. Swing sets: Your home may have the Taj Mahal of all swing sets. It is the talk of the neighborhood kids! If your swing set or playground is open to the neighborhood, be sure to routinely inspect it. Loose boards, bolts or brackets could easily cause a child to become injured while playing on your property, even if without permission you can be held liable.
  4. Firearms: Children grow up watching firearms used on television or in videogames. Even cartoons, new and old, represent firearms being used in an innocent and humorous fashion. Being sure your firearms are kept locked away with both a safe and a trigger lock is of upmost importance. Your child may want to show off the firearm to friends or worse, bring it to school to show there.

We hope your child is exempt from any of the above examples and enjoys the fun, careless childhood most of us were able to enjoy. It is important to understand that the actions of your child fall under your liability. Having you properly insured for these unforeseen, seemingly innocent actions is our job to recommend.

If you have questions about your liability insurance, call the insurance agents at Heuer Insurance Agency. Heuer Insurance Agency in Sparks has worked with a variety of clients in the Reno area over the years and we are confident in our ability to meet your personal or business insurance needs. We understand how important an insurance policy can be and we take time to match each of our clients with the perfect insurance policy. Give us a call at 775-358-5554 or visit us.

Rate Increases Explained..


Welcome back to the much anticipated HIA blog!  I say that with a great deal of humor involved because this thing called the Internet and Social Media seem to be the GO TO place  for all important things to know. I find it amazing to see what information is available at the ease of a click and wham!  You got what you need!  Or do you….?????   We have all heard fake news stories and other inflated internet stories, so sometimes what you read, may not be what you really thought….or worse…thought you needed??


Heuer Insurance Agency has been around since 1929.  We wouldn’t still be here if the buying public hadn’t seen the value of using an Independent Insurance Agent  as their Trusted Advisor in the crazy world of Insurance all those years.  Today’s insurance contracts are more limited, more confusing, and more difficult for the average consumer to understand than ever before.  To make matters worse, those same insurance contracts are WAY more expensive than they ever have been, and hint, they aren’t going to get any cheaper in the future!  Why you ask???  Surprisingly it isn’t because of the profits taken to those ivory towers we have all heard about…  Trust me on this fact and let’s get past this thought process.  So, why are the rates really going to increase?  It’s not attractive but the reasons are exactly what you buy insurance to protect you against. The primary expenses claims adjusters see are medical bills, attorney bills, body shop invoices, car rental reimbursements and various construction estimates which can all be involved in a single automobile or property claim.  Do you think ANY of those industries are charging insurance companies LOWER rates today?  Not hardly folks.  So as long as those costs continue to sky rocket, the pure cost of insurance is going to continue to rise.  In addition to the cost of claims, the industry is seeing more new cars purchased,  more miles driven, and a higher frequency of claims involving speed and death.



So what can you do about that sobering fact??? My sincere advise is this…when you get your renewal increase, take a deep breath and think about your insurance and your relationship with those trusted advisors that brought that insurance product to you.  Have you had a claim, how did it go?  Did you have a question about insurance and call our office for first hand human advice?  How did that conversation go?  Was the agent helpful, sincere and polite?  If you called the office about a rate concern, was the highly trained staff at Heuer able to help?  Was it nice to be able to sit at a local agent’s desk and talk one on one about rate concerns?  Did that Agent point out options for you that brought the price back into the acceptable range?  Did that Agent give you TRUSTED advice on ALL of these issues that were important to you?


If the answer was YES on any of those issues, we sincerely ask you to consider those same concerns and comments when it comes time to pay that expensive insurance renewal.   In today’s world, you can buy your insurance on line, or at a swap meet, but is it really your best option in today’s difficult world?  My advise after a lifetime of being in the insurance industry, and being PROUD of all 88 years for what the industry does for the citizens of our Country,  is to shop around if you don’t think your local agent has earned your renewal.  Hopefully you will see that our prices are in line with the industry as a whole.  Most Independent Agents can tell you historically we haven’t been the cheapest insurance on the street for almost 200 years….but NO ONE can stand up to the advise we give our clients, day in and day out!  If you are happy with what your Trusted Advisors at Heuer Insurance have done for you, and appreciated their advice, call em and tell them!  Trust me again….they will be thrilled to hear from you.


Above all, THANK YOU  for all the years Heuer Insurance has been your Trusted Advisor, we can’t thank you enough!