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Heuer Insurance Spring Newsletter

So how happy are you to finally see some sunshine and warm weather?! It’s been a heck of a winter and who would have guessed we now have to worry about flooding. Nice to see our lakes and reservoirs full, but that’s a lot of water this early in the year. PLEASE show the Truckee River the respect it deserves and stay away until it stops raging…..and that might be well into the summer…so be careful if you are near moving water.

Do you have plans for some great BBQs?

Your friends at HIA love to barbecue too, at least until we see one go bad. If you rent on the second floor of an apartment house…not a good place to do some briquette barbecuing! For everyone else, fire em’ up, but you need to be careful too. Every year we see claims where kids are burnt getting too close to a hot grill, and even an occasional house fire from unattended BBQs. Personally there is nothing we enjoy more than a summer BBQ, but folks, let’s keep it safe out there!

While I know not everyone is a motorcycle rider, I can imagine those that are will make sure their motorcycles are all washed off, polished up, filled up, and ready to ride! If you like riding, you have got to be enjoying the weather the Reno/Sparks area is experiencing right now….so let’s talk about protecting your motorcycle from theft and fraud. Bikes are easy targets for theft and vehicle fraud because they are easily and quickly disassembled. Here are a few quick ideas on how to protect your valuable and loved asset….

1. Lock your ignition. Most bike thefts occur when the ignition is off, but not locked.
2. Lock the forks or the disk brakes with a specialty lock like a Kryptonite Lock.
3. If riding with others, lock your bikes together when parked.
4. If you are riding alone, lock your bike to a stationary object that can’t be moved.
5. Add an audible alarm to your bike.
6. If you have to leave it overnight, park it in view of a security camera if possible.
7. Don’t store your title in your bike. This may sound obvious, but it happens.
8. And guess what? All these suggestions hold true if you are using a motorcycle trailer too!

I can’t wait to get our boat out too…..Now that we have plenty of water, be sure you spend a minute on maintenance before you head out with your boat. If you happen to need some work done, go see the agency’s good friends John and Momi Oppio @ Sierra Sport and Marine. They will treat you right! Also, when getting ready for a fun filled day with the family please remember to wear your life jacket, plenty of SPF 30+ sunscreen, and DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL while operating your boat!

Last but not least, don’t forget our referral drawing we have every month where some lucky person wins a $100 prize for referring one of your friends or family to HIA for a quote! So far this year we have had 4 winners: Shawn O, Ardea H, Marla M and Teresa R.

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