Happy 4th of July from Heuer Insurance!

Happy SUMMERTIME from your friends at Heuer Insurance,  we hope you’re spending some time outside and enjoying the weather.  Northern Nevada is so fortunate to have 4 distinct seasons so be sure to get out and enjoy them all.

It’s just so heartwarming to see Nevada’s economy coming back so strong.  People are back to work, spending money, improving the economy and we continue to hear good news about big companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Switch and many more moving to Nevada. This is great news as they are anticipated to bring thousands of additional good paying jobs to the area.  Houses are being built and sold quickly, existing inventory is low due to all the new people moving to town.  While all very exciting, it comes with an increased danger of road safety with so many new people on the roads.  As anyone driving the roads can see (or feel), there is an abundance of road repair that has to be done in the good weather, even more of a reason to be careful out there!  Remember our blog a month or so ago that discussed the dangers of following a vehicle towing a trailer, or a pickup truck with all sorts of equipment in the back?   Just this week I came across a pick up with a huge load of plywood in the back…I no sooner saw that truck and moved over 2 lanes to get out from behind him…  as you guessed it, the whole load ended up on Highway 395!  I never saw anything in the news about any accidents it caused so here is hoping everyone went home safe after that one.  It’s good advice NOT to follow one of these vehicles.

Speaking once again on the economy, I want to use this opportunity to remind all of our faithful readers and clients that our agency is licensed in MANY States across the country. If you find yourself relocating or have friends moving and mention to you they need to find a new insurance broker please give us a call. We are licensed in the following states: Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Tennessee and would appreciate the opportunity to help make your or their move easy. Or better yet, call your agent at HIA and give them your friends contact information and get entered into the agency’s $100 monthly referral program! There have been a lot happy customers over the years since we introduced this fun referral program and we love making the call to the winner! For more information on that, visit https://www.heuerinsurance.com/refer-a-friend/

And we will end by congratulating the staff of Heuer Insurance for banding together and adopting a park in Sparks!  What a great way to show our community involvement and we had a good time helping clean up the DeAndrea park in Sparks.  Well done Team Heuer.


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