We’re on to 2018

Happy New Year to the best clients an Insurance Agency owner can have! THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and patronage! We hope your holidays were as spectacular as you had hoped for and your entire family is safe and ready to take on 2018. As we decompress and reflect on the holidays we want to send a special thank you to our team, clients and company partners. Thanks to you all we were able to donate $500 to the Veteran’s Guest House and filled TWO Food Bank barrels well over the top. A few years back we decided to forgo our inner office gift exchange and instead decided to give back and we haven’t looked back since.

With the new year here it’s time to get back to work and cross your T’s, dot your I’s and spend a few minutes reviewing your insurance program. Did you buy or receive any valuable items that we might need to specifically insure on your homeowners policy? What about a new RV, ATV, UTV or anything unusual? If you are concerned, call your friendly agents at HIA and let’s talk about it. We want everyone to have the exact amount of coverage you need while having all of your assets protected adequately. We can’t say it enough, “AFTER a loss is a terrible time to figure out what kind and how much insurance you have”. Let’s make sure ahead of time that you are buying just what you need, and no more.
Here are a few examples of the conversations we should be having. Insurance can be confusing, let us make it easier for you.
1) We can help you understand the difference between market value and replacement cost for any of your property policies, whether it’s your home or rental property.
2) We can help you decide how much coverage you really need based upon some pertinent facts about your property. We can show you how the cost to rebuild is quite often much higher than the cost to buy the house when it was new. Confused? Interested to learn more? Call us!
3) Concerned about the traffic in Reno/Sparks area? We are too! Do you have the right deductibles in place and the right amount of liability insurance to protect you on our roadways?
Lastly, don’t forget to refer your friends and get in on the referral drawing for some “FUN MONEY”! Anytime you refer someone to us we will send you a Starbucks gift card. If we get the opportunity to quote the person you referred we will enter your name into our monthly $100 VISA Gift Card drawing. Like us on Facebook too, and above all, remember to read the blog because we try hard to keep them short, simple and thought provoking. If there’s a topic you’d like us to write about please let us know. We’d be happy to write on it.

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