5 Habits to Master Every Time You Get Into Your Vehicle

According the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 391,000 individuals were injured & 3,477 were killed from distracted driving in 2015. Insurance premiums have skyrocketed because of distracted driving and increases in traffic accidents.  Distracted driving isn’t just talking on the phone or texting but can include reading articles or email, eating, brushing your hair, or any other way you’re trying to multi-task while driving.

Consider practicing good driving behavior by mastering these 5 habits every time you get inside your vehicle.

  • Put your phone OUT of reach when entering your vehicle.

The back seat or placed in your bag or purse inside your trunk, along with other belongings can be a good start. If you can’t fathom doing this, continue to ask yourself, “Can it wait?” every time you want to reach for your device. Most likely it can. It may help to put your phone on mute to avoid the desire to reach for it when it alerts you of an incoming call or new text message/email. If you feel you always have to be readily available to take a phone call, pull your car over & park it before answering the call.

  • Program your GPS or identify where you need to go before driving your vehicle.

Be sure to activate voice commands so your eyes can stay on the road 100% of the time.

  • Groom Before or After, Not While Driving or Sitting at a Stop Light

If you find yourself running late often & grooming last minute, transition yourself out of the habit of grooming while driving. Practice doing this once you’ve arrived at your location or before you even start your vehicle.

  • Eat While Parked

Don’t risk eating and driving. Instead, simple park your car and eat your meal before getting back on the road.

  • Be a Role Model for Your Friends and Family

Not only demonstrate to your kids how you do not drive distracted, but also explain the dangers of doing it. If you find yourself riding along with a friend or family member, speak up if the driver is using an electronic device while driving. Offer to deliver their text message for them, act as the co-pilot or make the phone call.

If we all practice safe driving habits, we will all be better off.

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Does Your Classic Car Insurance Match Your Use & Needs?

Many of us collect classic cars and for good reason – they’re valuable assets and they’re fun! Regardless of what you collect or why you collect it, we all share a passion for these vehicles of the past.

For those of us who are classic car enthusiasts we need an insurance policy that matches our use and ensures that the value on our vehicles is appropriate.

Insuring your classic car is not the same as insuring your every-day driver. Insurance policies are typically less expensive and are written on an agreed value. Your classic car insurance policy can be custom tailored just to your specific vehicle, stage of restoration or usage.

Here are some examples of how you can tailor your classic car insurance policy:

Example 1: If you don’t really drive it but want to protect it in the event of an unforeseen claim, you can get a policy like that.

Example 2: If you use your classic car as an off-road vehicle and don’t want to protect the vehicle from damages from branches or other collisions, there is a policy for that.

Example 3: For those individuals who love to take their classic car on a road trip, there is coverage to protect you if you break down & it can offer a replacement vehicle, food, shelter and more.

Example 4: Need unique parts for your classic car due to a loss? There’s a policy that offers stock original replacement parts.

Each person is unique as the vehicle they collect and that is why it is imperative to talk to an insurance agent to find just the right policy for your classic or antique automobile.

Additional consideration should be made if you have a personal umbrella policy with another carrier. That carrier will typically require you to carry sufficient limits on your classic car to match the coverages on your everyday driver. This ensures you don’t create a gap in coverage, even if you rarely drive it.

Heuer Insurance Agency can shop through several of our top-rated classic car insurance companies. Each insurance company specializes in specific policies such as insurance for regular use users, street rod enthusiasts, classics undergoing restoration or classics that need spare parts coverage. We’ll search to find the best coverage for your needs. Request a quote today.


A Tribute to a Very Special Client

Jean Lawson 1921-2018

      Have you ever been so lucky to know a Lady named Butterfly?  The Heuer family was fortunate for over 50 years to know and love one such person!  Jean Lawson was THE last remaining client of Clarence Heuer, the founder of Heuer Insurance Agency.  Jean fondly told us stories of remembering Clarence sitting at her and Bob Sr’s kitchen table and discussing insurance on their new home.  I loved hearing those stories about Clarence, and how insurance was sold back in the day!
Jean Lawson, who many people called Butterfly, and so many of her Grandchildren called her Grama Gigi, left this earth on Easter Sunday to be with her beloved husband Bob.  As the years went by, she never lost her love for life and always had a smile for her family and her extended families.  She refused to let any of our visiting time be about her aches and pains, instead they were full of joy and happiness.   She would say, “I’m not here to talk about me” and would immediately turn the conversation to family or her beloved SF Giants.
The last time we saw her she didn’t have the strength to walk us all the way out of Cascades.  She stopped at the elevator and as the door closed her face was just beaming. She did a little dance for us, and gave us a smile only a Butterfly from heaven could muster. Wow! What a Lady! Jean will be missed by many and remembered by all.  She was truly one of God’s good ones!   We love you Butterfly. May you rest in peace with all of those that have left us too soon.


We do have some happenings in the Agency and the Industry…

Gina McCaul celebrated her 7th anniversary at Heuer Insurance. Gina is the first person our clients talk to or see when they stop by. We couldn’t pick a better person to handle this responsibility. Gina is truly a master of first impressions.                            


Also, a quick reminder to get your referrals in before we hold the drawing for the Keith Urban concert tickets. That drawing will be held around June 1st so there is still time. Each referral you send gets your name in the hat.

keith urban.jpg

Lastly, we would like to make our readers aware of the work we do ON our industry versus IN our industry. Heuer Insurance Agency has been a longtime member of the Nevada Independent Insurance Agents and a member of the Trusted Choice. Adam Heuer is a multi-generation board member and has served for over 7 years.  Not only do we support this cause financially, we support this organization with our time and effort due to the importance for both us and our clients. This year we went to the Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. to meet with our elected officials to educate them on potential laws and issues that affect us and our clients. This was a very impactful experience and one that we will continue to do on behalf of all of us.

                                    niia leg conf group.jpg

As we always say, without you there is no us. THANK YOU for your business and continued loyalty.