All of your Renters Insurance Questions Answered!

Renters insurance is a great thing to have if you’re not a homeowner. We’ll answer the top questions we get about renters insurance below.

How Much Is Renters Insurance Per Month?

The cost of renters insurance can vary depending on what your coverage limits are and what you want covered. It can also vary because of your credit score or previous loss history. In general, a policy with average limits with clean credit and no loss history will run you about $15-25 a month.

What Is The Best Renters Insurance Policy?

The best renters insurance policy is a policy that provides you the best coverage at a price that you’re comfortable with.

Should I Get Renters Insurance?

Everyone should carry renters insurance if they rent a home or apartment. Renters insurance covers more than just your things. It provides you with a liability insurance policy to protect your assets. Renters insurance will protect you with coverage from theft and fires too.

Is Renters Insurance Worth It?

If you’re a renter, getting a renters insurance policy is always worth it. At less than a dollar a day, it is an affordable insurance policy that protects you and your assets.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance covers a variety of things from your personal items like your computer and couch to your clothes. It also provides you with liability protection in the event you are found liable for injuries to others you’re found liable for as well as provides you with temporary living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable for periods of time.

Can a Landlord Require Renters Insurance?

Yes, landlords can require you to carry a renters insurance policy. Many renters assume their landlord’s insurance policy will cover their personal items in the event of a loss, but that is not true.

Can I Use My Roommate’s Renter’s Insurance Policy?

No, roommates are specifically excluded from renters insurance policies unless they are listed on the policy by name. Roommates are excluded from coverage for personal property, loss of use and liability coverage.

We always recommend a renters insurance policy. If you have questions about your renters insurance or would like to get a renters insurance quote, please contact us.

Does my Auto Insurance Cover Mechanical Repairs?

The cost of repairing or replacing a transmission or engine in a car can be daunting. Many people wonder what exactly is covered by an auto insurance policy. Does an auto insurance policy cover things like transmission repairs, tires, faulty wiring or worn suspension parts?

In short, no, an auto insurance policy will not pay to repair wear and tear items on your vehicle. The only time some items may be covered are when they are damaged as a direct results of a covered loss such as a collision.

Insurance is not designed to repair damaged or worn parts due to normal wear and tear of your vehicle. There is no coverage for things like mechanical failures or maintenance.

So, what options are there to cover these items? When you purchase a vehicle, some dealers offer extended warranty coverage. These warranty policies essentially extend the manufacturer warranty of newer vehicles. This is the type of insurance program that would provide coverage for things like mechanical breakdown of your transmission or engine parts.

If you have questions about car insurance, contact our agency. There are an overwhelming number of choices for car insurance out there, don’t stress! Let the professionals at Heuer Insurance Agency gather quotes from several insurance carriers, presenting you with the best options for your budget and needs! Our agents are here to help guide you through rate comparisons, discounts, flexible payment options and they may have some money-saving tips as well. Get your quote today!


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Industry 101

It might surprise you to know that an unendorsed homeowner policy has limits of coverage for theft of certain types of personal items such as jewelry, watches, furs, and firearms. Coverage for items like coins and stamps can be limited to a special limit of coverage no matter what the cause of damage is.

A common limit for theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semi-precious stones on a homeowners policy is $1,500. Not to mention, your policy deductible would apply to this type of loss. If you misplace those items as opposed to a loss by theft, you may not be covered at all under your normal insurance coverage.

No need to worry though, different types of additional coverages are available. Many carriers offer endorsements that will increase the limit of coverage for losses to jewelry, money, firearms, furs, and more. Other additional coverages are available for purchase to cover a particular item on your policy at a specific amount. This type of coverage is called a scheduled personal articles endorsement.  A personal articles schedule provides broader coverage and in most cases does not include a deductible.

Here are some steps to make sure your valuables are properly insured in the New Year:
• Take inventory of your belongings. Make a list of valuable items that you have and make sure items you no longer own are not on your policy if you have an existing scheduled property endorsement. Be sure to determine the current value of your items.
• Discuss with your agent what types of additional coverage may be right for you. Your independent agent may require an appraisal for some items. This ensures that there is no discrepancy in the value or replacement cost of the property.
• Consider coverage for items such as electronics, musical instruments, and artwork. Cell phones, laptops, cameras, and many other types of property can be insured on a personal articles coverage endorsement.
If you experience a loss, additional coverage for certain property items can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. The more accurate and updated your policy and coverages are, the easier it is for your claims to be handled quickly and efficiently.