Heuer Insurance Agency’s September Newsletter

Industry 101

Water damage is a concern for all homeowners and can be a sneaky culprit! Did you know that washing machines are one of the main sources of water damage to homes? Others that top the list include hot water heaters and dishwashers.  Fortunately, there are a few easy and inexpensive steps you can take help to prevent these types of losses. Take it from us, water losses are awful to deal with as a consumer! We have outlined some preventative measures below to ensure your home is better protected against water damage.

1.      Check for leaks every four months

2.      Check supply hoses to ensure a tight connection.  Reinforced steel braided hoses are highly recommended!

3.      Read your washing machine and dishwasher manuals for the proper soaps and load recommendations

4.      Flush your water heater once a year to ensure you have fresh water and to remove sediment

5.      Don’t leave running appliances unattended. Try only use your dishwasher and washing machine while you are home.

Leak detection systems are another great tool to monitor your appliances. These systems even shut off appliances automatically if a leak is detected.  Of course, not all losses can be prevented, but following these tips should lower your chances of a loss.  In the event of a loss or damage, make sure you know where your water shut off valve is, check now before you need to know!

Anniversary Corner

Happy 20th Heuer anniversary to Michelle! One of our commercial line agents, Michelle has been with us since 1995. Outside of the office, she loves giving back to her community and does so by contributing to many organizations such as the Northern Nevada Food Bank, Veterans Guest House, March of Dimes and more. Michelle and her family enjoy traveling, camping and just spending time together. Thank you for everything you do Michelle!


Agency News

As a part of our 90th anniversary celebration, we recently put together a timeline, illustrating the history and milestones of Heuer Insurance Agency. We are so proud of our legacy and have you, our clients, to thank!

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Thanks for your friendship and business, we sure appreciate you!