Heuer Insurance Agency’s October Newsletter

Industry 101

As years go by, most of us replace or add valuables to our belongings. Many times, this should prompt an insurance review.  It’s easy to forget to update your insurance policy in the process, so there is no better time than now to make sure both your new, as well as old belongings, are insured properly on your Homeowners policy.  Every policy has limitations within that policy and coverage for items like firearms, arts, coins, collectables and stamps can be extremely limited, no matter what the cause of loss was.

Jewelry coverage also has limitations; usually less than a couple of thousands of dollars, plus your deductible. If you are fortunate enough to have precious stones or jewelry, it is very important to talk to your insurance agent at Heuer Insurance to ensure you are covered.  You can fix this oversight fairly easy, but do it before you have a loss.

Three easy steps to remember:

  1. Take inventory of your belongings. Make a list or a video of your belongings and store off site.
  2. Discuss with your agent what types of additional coverage may be right for you.
  3. Consider coverage for items such as, but not limited, to electronics and musical instruments. Many of these types of items go off premises and you need to understand the coverage afforded.

The more accurate and updated your policy and coverages are, the easier it is for your claims to be handled quickly and efficiently, should a loss occur.

Agency News

We are extremely honored to have been named Rotary Business of the Month by Sparks Centennial Sunrise Rotary Club in the month of September. We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization and to be recognized alongside many outstanding local businesses!

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