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A Rodent Made a Nest In My Car and Caused Damage – Is it Covered?

As cooler weather approaches at night or you park your car outside during the winter months, chances are that sooner or later a rodent will find its way inside of your warm vehicle. Rodents like rats, mice and even squirrels can make their way up inside of your engine compartment to stay warm. After all, […]

I’m Considered a High Risk Driver – What Can I do to Change That?

If you’re searching for a new auto insurance policy and the company or agent tells you you’re “high risk” what exactly does that mean and what can you do to improve that? While there is no real definition of what a high risk driver is, high risk drivers typically fall into one of the following […]

Do I Need to Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

When you are on vacation renting a car, you will most likely be asked if you want to purchase insurance for the car. Sometimes purchasing that insurance policy is needed, but other times you may already be covered with your own auto insurance policy. Some individuals even have insurance benefits through their credit cards. Auto […]

Heuer Insurance Agency’s August Newsletter

As we look to close summer, families are planning for their Sons or Daughters to be moving into a college dorm or residence. We often get asked, “How does Lauren or Mark moving out of the area to attend school affect our insurance?” That’s a great question and we need to look for both the […]

Heuer Insurance Agency’s July Newsletter

Our much appreciated receptionist Gina, suggested a blog on the horrors of parking lots. She is a hard working Mom to not one, but two young drivers and we all need to wish her a little bit of good luck with that! Well she is right, parking lots are FULL of dangers and it takes […]