Are your special events covered?

Wait…is that fall you smell in the air??? It might be, but if you are anywhere close to Reno and Sparks, you just might be smelling the world famous RIB COOK OFF sponsored by the merchants in downtown Sparks Nevada! Read more

Car Insurance 101

Hot enough out there for you?? As I write this the thermometer says it’s a sweltering 99 degrees outside right now! Wow! Let’s talk Car insurance 101: what it all means and how it all works Read more

Are Your Pets Insured??? Is Your Life Insured???

Summer is well under way, and that means family vacations, barbeques, time on the lake with friends and family, and a whole host of other outdoor events and activities. If you are like my family, family vacations mean spending time with our pets, and how to best deal with them while we are trying to enjoy that vacation. Read more

Insurance for a Traveling Household

Happy Spring everyone! This month’s blog is going to focus purely on some insurance issues. Fishing at Pyramid Lake has been somewhat disappointing so let’s get back to basics, and in my life, that’s the insurance business! For your thoughts, here are a few short timely insurance related items I think you will find pertinent…. Read more

H.K. Dent Society

Heuer Insurance Agency, a 4th generation family owned and operated Independent Insurance agency in Sparks, Nevada, recently announced its election to the highly esteemed H. K. Dent Society of Safeco Insurance Company, a member of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Fewer than 10% of agencies in the United States qualify for membership in the H. K. Dent Society, named after Safeco Insurance Companies founder, Hawthorne K. Dent. The award is presented to agencies which exceed growth and performance goals by demonstrating superior knowledge and excellent underwriting skills, and whose commitment to Safeco, and their clients and community redefine the term partnership.


Larry Heuer, the agencies President was quoted as saying “Being included in such a highly sought after membership as the H. K. Dent Society, is the single best form of recognition he has received in his 38 years of involvement in the insurance industry.”

Call us today to find out what the highly skilled organization of insurance professionals at Heuer Insurance can do for you and your family or business.

Is Poor Credit Affecting Your Insurance Rates?

We hope you are as ready for Spring as the hard working staff of HIA is! Let’s talk about a couple of issues that are prevalent in the Insurance industry right now. Some of these topics are confusing so if you have any questions on how these topics pertain to you and your family, I invite you to email me or call me at the office. Read more

Beating the Cold Weather

Have you ever thought about what damage a frozen pipe or broken washing machine hose can do in your house?? It’s not pretty I can tell you that. An average Homeowners claim for a broken pipe or broken hose is almost $20,000! Don’t let that happen to you and your family…freezing pipes can be prevented by a few preventative steps. Here are my favorite ones and they are all easy!!! Read more

Beginning a new Year…

Now that the Holidays are behind us, it’s time to get our finances back in order. Your friends and agents at HIA can help you accomplish just that. Call our office for a free review of your account, and let’s see if we can trim any costs for you, or just make sure we have you insured for all the exposures that your family has. When you have time, call us and let’s work together.

I am very proud to announce a promotion within the Agency….. Adam S. Heuer is now officially the 4th generation of Heuer’s to operate this Agency. Adam was recently promoted to Vice President of the Agency and is now one of the owners of HIA! Adam has been with the Agency for over 6 years now, and holds a wide variety of positions here, from Agency management to Commercial Lines sales to Life insurance sales…and he excels in all of them. Congratulations to Adam! Call Adam and wish him congratulations and see what he can do for you and your business.

Now how about that promised Pyramid Lake fishing report?? Well….there is a reason they call it fishing, and not catching! Adam and I have been out to Pyramid many times since the last blog and we don’t have a lot of success stories to tell you. We have fished from the boat several times, with mixed success, and have frozen out on a ladder many many early mornings since the opener. Lots of small fish, and I caught the largest so far at 8 pounds, but nothing to mount on a wall…yet! I still recommend a black wooly bugger up top and a variety of colors for beetles on the bottom. Try your luck, and then email me and let me know what you are having success with. Tight lines and above all, thank you for your business.

LH 8lb Cutthroat

Larry and his 8lb Cutthroat

December at Heuer Insurance

Welcome back to the Heuer Insurance Blog, where you will find timely insurance facts, and more importantly, this time of year you will get an honest fishing report from Larry and Adam Heuer.  Larry and Starla Heuer, just got back from a GREAT fishing vacation in Winchester Bay, Oregon!  We fished the Ocean for Salmon only one day due to the season closing, but that didn’t stop us from catching 43 Chinook and Silver Salmon on the famous Umpqua River!  Our BEST trip up there yet.  Check out the picture of Starla’s biggest Salmon, in front of a secret of ours!  Read more

Tips for winterizing your home

Winter and cold weather are approaching. Don’t let old man winter get you down, or cause an untimely insurance claim! Here are a couple of “winterizing” tips. Read more