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Heuer Insurance Agency’s August Newsletter

As we look to close summer, families are planning for their Sons or Daughters to be moving into a college dorm or residence. We often get asked, “How does Lauren or Mark moving out of the area to attend school affect our insurance?” That’s a great question and we need to look for both the exposure of Liability/Property insurance AND Car insurance.

       Now keep in mind, some policies coverage details are different than others, so we talk in general terms for today’s blog. If you have specific questions I recommend you talking to your friendly agent at Heuer Insurance. In a nutshell most homeowners policies coverage for the distant student will automatically extend from your home, in the amount of 10% of your coverage C, or Property coverage. The Liability coverage for that distant student is also typically extended from your homeowners’ policy. Any “high valued” items like a computer or expensive bike, might want to be specifically listed in your homeowner’s policy, that way you can be sure you have the proper coverage and the deductible is also waived. Sounds simple huh?

       The situation on how it affects your car insurance policy is a little different but straight forward as well. Again, I suggest a conversation with your Heuer Insurance agent to discuss any specifics. First off, the rates remain the same as though they still lived at home. Even better than that, at times there are discounts for “Distant Students” and “Good Students”. If this scenario sounds like your family, that call to Heuer Insurance is important!



       As for agency news, we had two work anniversaries since we last wrote. Two key players celebrated another year with the office. Debi Baucom hit 41 years and LaRee Cobb 32. We couldn’t do it without these guys. Please help me in congratulating them on another milestone!



      Thanks for reading this month’s blog and THANK YOU for all the business we get to handle for you! Don’t forget our referral program. Some good money has been handed out as well as two tickets to see Keith! Get in on the action and you could be our next lucky winner!