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April Newsletter

Letter from Heuer

Greetings to our faithful readers. You may or may not have noticed, but we are a little behind with our newsletters. We have a lot going on here at Heuer Insurance and just haven’t had the time to reach out. We have some big staff announcements to share.


Anniversary Corner

Cheryl recently celebrated her 20th Anniversary with HIA! This is a major milestone and one that didn’t go unnoticed. We pulled the staff together for a celebration and presented Cheryl with a custom fire pit from Twisted Steel. Those of you that work with Cheryl know that she is truly one of the best this industry has seen. Please join me in congratulating Cheryl on her anniversary.

Gina, just today, celebrates her 8th Anniversary with HIA! Gina has been the master of first impressions with the agency for quite some time now and we couldn’t imagine anyone better at fielding calls, walk in clients and all the various tasks we throw at her on a daily basis. Please also join me in congratulating Gina.


Employee Spotlight

We have a new team member in our Commercial Lines Department. Jenelle comes to us with a couple years of experience and is eager to learn everything about the insurance industry. She has completed most her training and is off and running on her own. We have made a shift to the account split in the office and those of you that were affected have been notified. We are very happy to have Jenelle on the team and are confident you will enjoy working with her as well.


Industry 101 – 6 Tips for Preventing Water Damage from Appliances

Did you know that washing machines are one of the main sources of water damage to homes?  Others that top the list include hot water heaters and dishwashers. Fortunately, there are a few easy and inexpensive steps you can take help to prevent these types of losses:

  1. Check for leaks:  Thoroughly check the area around appliances for any signs of leaking every four months.
  2. Check supply hoses: Check the supply hoses regularly to ensure a tight connection, and no breaks or tears. It’s a good idea to replace supply hoses for washing machines and dishwashers every five years even if there are no signs of wear. Sometimes, wear only shows on the inside. Reinforced, steel braided hoses are recommended.
  3. Read the manual: Always refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines for types of soap and load recommendations for the washing machine and dishwasher. Most new washing machines require HE detergents.
  4. Flush your water heater: It is recommended to flush your water heater once per year to ensure you have fresh water and to remove sediment.
  5. Don’t leave running appliances unattended. Try to only operate washing machines and dishwashers when someone is at home.
  6. Replace hot water heater as needed. It’s recommended to replace the hot water heater when it is nearing the end of its life expectancy, even if there aren’t any problems. As the water heater ages, the risk of a slow leak or sudden burst increases.

Leak detection systems are a great tool to monitor your appliances, and even automatically shut off water in the event of a detected leak.  While there are expenses with a leak detection system, it might just score you a discount on your homeowners policy! Leak detection systems can be added to individual appliances or an entire house.

Of course, not all losses can be prevented, but following these tips should lower your chances of a loss. In the event of a water leak, it is important to know where your water shut-off valve is located so that water can quickly be turned off to minimize damage.


Calendar of Events

April 21st – Easter
May 12th – Mother’s Day
May 27th – Closed for Memorial Day
June 16th – Father’s Day


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Heuer Insurance Agency’s July Newsletter

Our much appreciated receptionist Gina, suggested a blog on the horrors of parking lots. She is a hard working Mom to not one, but two young drivers and we all need to wish her a little bit of good luck with that!

Well she is right, parking lots are FULL of dangers and it takes an experienced and/or lucky driver to make it through them. Fortunately technology has come to the rescue! Most new cars have back up cameras as well as side sensors to guide us in and out of our parking spot. The bigger the vehicle the more important these types of sensors are.  All the sensors in the world help you in your car, but the biggest danger is always the “other guy”. While it’s not your job to teach the “other guy”, you can take steps to avoid him or her. Experts suggest the most defensive way to park in a parking lot, is to drive THROUGH the parking space so you don’t have to back up at all. This takes the whole “I started backing out first and they hit me!” scenario out of the picture. If you can’t find a spot that lets you pull through the space, look towards the back of the parking lot for your answer. Another real danger not often talked about is taking care opening your doors, including cautioning anyone in the back seat to look before opening the back doors. So, between new technology and a better way to park, we hope you navigate the roads and stay aware out there. Be at your best, off your phone and navigate parking lots with all due care. Most police departments don’t investigate parking lot accidents, so you are stuck either paying your deductible or dealing with the other party’s insurance, and neither one is going to be any fun.

Here’s a shout out to all our referral winners! Congratulations Jeff A, Grace D and Angela K for winning our monthly $100 VISA gift cards.

An extra shout out to Jeff A for winning the BIG prize which was concert tickets to Keith Urban in South Lake Tahoe! Thank you all for the referrals, be sure you get yours in you could be the next winner!