6 Steps to Keep Your Bike Running Like New

Motorcycle checklist

Whether you’re riding a 1926 Harley-Davidson JD or a 2015 Kawasaki H2, keeping your motorcycle in mint condition will ensure a lifetime of fun, fantastic riding. By following these 6 tips, you’ll have your motorcycle running like new all the time.

1.     Store Safely

Storing your motorcycle properly is the first and most important step toward keeping your bike looking shiny and running like new. Keep it in your garage, under a car shelter or consider purchasing a durable, sturdy motorcycle cover.

2.     Take Care of The Tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated is crucial for smooth running. Driving with low tires is risky because it can negatively affect the gas mileage and the way your bike handles. Check your air pressure every time you ride.

3.     Stay On Top of the Oil

By regularly changing the oil and oil filter on your bike, you’ll keep it running in tiptop shape for a very long time. Before you go on a ride, be sure to check the oil level; it should always be at the high or max level. Be sure your bike is not over filled or under filled, as these can be disastrous to your engine.

4.     Beware of the Battery

A good battery can last a lifetime when properly kept and adequately charged. The best way to ensure reliable battery life is to keep it charged when you’re not riding it, preferably by using a trickle charger. Also, consider purchasing a battery that is sealed and maintenance-free.

5.     Attend to the Air Filter

Motorcycle air filters are notorious for trapping a significant amount of debris. It is vital that you keep these filters as clean as possible and replace whenever needed. Without a clean air filter you risk debris getting into your engine and causing great damage to your bike.

6.     Better Your Breaks

The more you ride your motorcycle, the less effective your break fluid gets because it absorbs moisture every time you go for a drive. It’s a good idea to change your break fluid every year or two to ensure your breaks are in the best condition possible.


By following these six steps, you’ll keep your motorcycle running like new for a lifetime. The money and time you put into your bike help make it an important investment in your life. Let Heuer Insurance Agency protect your investment with a reliable, affordable insurance plan. Call today to talk with a friendly agent.