6 Steps to Keep Your Bike Running Like New

Motorcycle checklist

Whether you’re riding a 1926 Harley-Davidson JD or a 2015 Kawasaki H2, keeping your motorcycle in mint condition will ensure a lifetime of fun, fantastic riding. By following these 6 tips, you’ll have your motorcycle running like new all the time.

1.     Store Safely

Storing your motorcycle properly is the first and most important step toward keeping your bike looking shiny and running like new. Keep it in your garage, under a car shelter or consider purchasing a durable, sturdy motorcycle cover.

2.     Take Care of The Tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated is crucial for smooth running. Driving with low tires is risky because it can negatively affect the gas mileage and the way your bike handles. Check your air pressure every time you ride.

3.     Stay On Top of the Oil

By regularly changing the oil and oil filter on your bike, you’ll keep it running in tiptop shape for a very long time. Before you go on a ride, be sure to check the oil level; it should always be at the high or max level. Be sure your bike is not over filled or under filled, as these can be disastrous to your engine.

4.     Beware of the Battery

A good battery can last a lifetime when properly kept and adequately charged. The best way to ensure reliable battery life is to keep it charged when you’re not riding it, preferably by using a trickle charger. Also, consider purchasing a battery that is sealed and maintenance-free.

5.     Attend to the Air Filter

Motorcycle air filters are notorious for trapping a significant amount of debris. It is vital that you keep these filters as clean as possible and replace whenever needed. Without a clean air filter you risk debris getting into your engine and causing great damage to your bike.

6.     Better Your Breaks

The more you ride your motorcycle, the less effective your break fluid gets because it absorbs moisture every time you go for a drive. It’s a good idea to change your break fluid every year or two to ensure your breaks are in the best condition possible.


By following these six steps, you’ll keep your motorcycle running like new for a lifetime. The money and time you put into your bike help make it an important investment in your life. Let Heuer Insurance Agency protect your investment with a reliable, affordable insurance plan. Call today to talk with a friendly agent.



Finding and Insuring Your Perfect Recreational Vehicle

Adventure is calling, and there is no better way to answer than with an RV. Officially known as recreational vehicles, RVs come in all shapes and sizes depending on what type of trip they’ll be used for. If you’re thinking about purchasing an RV, there are a few things you should know.


Finding the Perfect RV

There are many types of RVs available, from simple campers to large motorhomes. Finding the type of RV perfectly suited to you and your family’s needs may seem complicated, but here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to help you get started:


Where do you plan to go in your RV? If you hope to go on simple camping trips, a smaller trailer may be best to help carry your tents and equipment. If you’re looking to traverse the country on a fairly regular basis, a motorhome can offer ease and luxury for many weeks or months of travel.


Do you want to cook in your RV? Some RVs offer kitchen options, while others do not. If you’d rather do your own cooking, make sure your RV comes with a small stove and refrigerator. If eating out doesn’t bother you, a smaller unit may be the way to go.


Who is traveling with you? The larger your family or number of traveling companions, the more room you’ll want. Make sure to take stock of how many people will generally use the RV and how much space they and their belongings will take up.


Finding the Perfect RV Insurance

After finding the perfect RV, it is important to make sure it is insured. Since an RV is often like a home and a vehicle combined, you’ll need to take extra care to determine what is most important to you and find a policy that meets your specific needs. Some things to consider are what you’ll keep inside the RV, where you’ll need to park it, and what extra coverage you’d like in case you encounter trouble or difficulties on your trips.


To learn more about finding the perfect RV insurance, contact one of our experienced agents at Heuer Insurance Agency. We’ve been serving our community since 1929 and look forward to helping you live your dreams.

What is Covered Under Workers Compensation?

workers insurance

Owning and managing a business is a huge responsibility. Thanks to workers compensation insurance, however, you can rest assured knowing you and your employees are well cared for.


What is Workers Comp?


Workers Compensation Insurance, more simply known as workers comp, is a form of insurance purchased by the business owner or employer to provide coverage of work-related injuries and illnesses sustained while on-the-job. This state-mandated program benefits employees who are hurt or fall sick as a result of the job. Workers comp also prevents employees from suing in the event of a work related injury.


Why Do You Need Workers Comp Insurance?


As an employer, you are legally responsible and liable for all of your employees. If an employee falls ill or is injured as a result of the job, it is your responsibility to provide medical and financial coverage for that individual.


Workers Comp provides a system that benefits both you, as the employer, and your employees. Your workers receive benefits despite who or what is at fault and you are protected from lawsuits and other legal issues surrounding the illness or injury of your employee.


What Does Workers Comp Cover?


As previously mentioned, workers comp covers only work related illnesses or injuries. One common misconception of workers comp is that coverage is only provided if the injury or illness occurs at the workplace. Wrong. As long it is job related, coverage will be provided. Even in situations like:

  • Business travel
  • Work-related errands
  • Attending work-related functions


Coverage is available for injuries and illnesses caused by a sudden accident or injury – like breaking a bone – and injuries that occur over an extended period of time – like carpal tunnel. Workers comp also covers illnesses that result from being exposed to pollution, chemicals, radiation, etc. Problems like heart conditions, lung disease, stress-related issues and more are also covered under workers comp.


Companies with workers comp are able to provide employee benefits like:

  • A steady income while the employee is not working
  • Financing medical expenses like doctor’s visits, surgeries, medication, etc.
  • Vocational rehab like training, education, job replacement assistance and more.


How Can You Get Workers Comp?


Aside from being an absolute necessity, workers comp is also very easy to purchase. First, check out your state’s mandated workers compensation system by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor website. Secondly, contact Heuer Insurance to discuss your options and become enrolled today.





Building a Cost Efficient Workforce while Your Business Is Still Growing

workplace efficiency

When you are building up a business, keeping costs down can be challenging, but staying on top of finances is especially important for start-ups.  Learning to manage the finances when your business is just starting up can greatly impact the success of your business in the long run.


There are many things you can do to make your new business more cost efficient, and here are a few of the most effective.

1. Understand which Positions Are Your Priorities

When you are starting up a business, it is important to consider your hiring schedule.   Determining which skill sets you need to get your business off the ground should be a priority.  This will not only facilitate an efficient hiring process but it will also aid your success as your business grows.


Decide which positions need to be filled right away, and work from there to build a solid team. As your business grows you may find the need for more skill sets. As these needs arise, and budget permits, you can begin hiring for those positions in order of priority too.

2. Find Balance with New Blood

Experience may be essential to the growth of a new business, however, having a staff that consists entirely of experienced workers (or experts) can come with a huge price tag.  Try combining experienced staff with promising new hires to keep costs down while helping the business run smoothly.

Interns are also a great option because they can add to your workforce without adding excessively to your costs!

3. Match Teams Carefully

Where the operation of your business requires the formation of teams, it’s important to choose people who can work well together.  Look for employees with complementary qualities to ensure that they will work as cohesively as possible.

4. Use Clear Assessment Strategies

The ability to accurately assess your employees (in terms of skills and performance) will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of your business, and even your work environment. This is because it allows you to plan for, and utilize, individual and group skill sets in ways specific to the operations of your company. Doing so will ultimately benefit both your employees, in terms of job satisfaction, and your company in terms of efficiency.

5. Treat Your Employees Well

If your employees are satisfied in their jobs, they will be more likely to perform well in the tasks they are set.  If you are providing safe and productive environment for your employees, one where they feel valued, they will likely respond accordingly.


These are a few of the best things you can do to improve cost efficiency in a growing business.  For more information on how you can improve your business, visit the Heuer Insurance website today.

How Will My Child Be Taken Care of When I Pass?

Parenting, child care

Planning for your family after your death is a difficult task, and when you are parenting a child (or adult) with autism, it can be even more difficult. Many parents assume that their children will simply know what to do after their death, but it is often difficult for adult children to care for their siblings and to understand their parents’ wishes.

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How Will My Child Be Taken Care of When I Pass?

Life Insurance Reno, NV

Planning for your family after your death is a difficult task, and when you are parenting a child (or adult) with autism, it can be even more difficult. Many parents assume that their children will simply know what to do after their death, but it is often difficult for adult children to care for their siblings and to understand their parents’ wishes.

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Why You Should Always Get a Home History Report before Buying

When you buy something for your home, like a TV, you can read online reviews and consumer reports to help you make your purchase. Even when you buy a used car, you can request a vehicle history report.

But what are your options when buying a home? The stakes are much higher, since a home is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life. When unexpected problems pop up after you buy, it can cost you thousands of dollars and diminish the overall value of your home.

Thankfully, you can take steps to lower the risks of buying a home. One option is to request a home history report.

House and Key

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How to Stay Cool on a Budget This Summer

Every summer, families across America are faced with the following quandary: how to keep cool without breaking the bank. Running the air conditioning all day is an expensive solution, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be baked alive in your home, either.

Thankfully, with a little strategizing, you can keep your home and your family cool this summer, without running up your electrical at the same time.


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2 Types of Insurance Every Small Business Must Have

There is insurance out there that can cover literally every aspect of your business. It’s important to get your insurance tailored to the specific needs of your small business, so that you’re not overpaying on insurance that you don’t need, or worse, missing out on coverage that you do need.

It’s a good idea to get several insurance agents to conduct a risk analysis—it’s free and they will probably be able to pin point risks that you hadn’t thought of. However, here are 2 basic types of business insurance that every small business needs, no matter who you are, no matter what you do.

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Happy Holidays From Heuer Insurance!

Merry Christmas to the finest customers in the world!! I hope my staff NEVER forgets to say “Thank You for your business!”, and at this difficult time in Nevada’s economy, we need and value each and every one of you! I know you have options as to where to buy your insurance……so thank you for buying it from locally owned Independent Insurance agents! Read more