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Office Anniversaries, Client Testimonials, Fire Prevention and More!

Happy Friday to our loyal followers. The Friday before a 3 day weekend is always a busy one so we will make this month’s newsletter short and sweet.
First we want to congratulate Derek Moore on his 1 year anniversary. In today’s economy it’s becoming harder and harder to find new members for the team and we feel we got lucky with Derek. He is doing a great job and we look forward to the future.

I also want to congratulate Michelle on her 18th anniversary… She wouldn’t let me put in a picture, but she cant stop me from congratulating her!!!
We also want to take a second to highlight a couple of our most recent testimonials. We are in the service industry and fully understand consumers have the right to do business with anyone they want. We are fortunate to have such a great client base and one that isn’t afraid to tell us and their friends what a great job we are doing.
“You guys are the very best I’ve ever dealt with” – Kris T
“New to the Nevada area and was shopping for house insurance. I spoke to Dustin Snell, he found the best rates for us and it was such an easy process! I was so happy with his service we switched my son’s auto to him also and will be changing my own auto next. Highly recommend him, he’s the best to deal with and all the services the agency offers” – Lisa C
“I’ve had at least one and often multiple policies with Heuer Insurance since 1980. The reason I come back year after year is because of the customer service. Even if I haven’t called the office in ages, they remember me (or do an amazing job acting like they do) and the staff is so very efficient and cheerful.
I cannot think of another insurance agency — or any other business for that matter — with the same level of expertise and enthusiasm for what they do.” – Susan F
If you’ve had a great experience and would like to let us know, please take a second to leave a testimonial on our website. We love hearing from our clients! https://www.heuerinsurance.com/client-testimonials/
Now for our insurance plug – I think you will find the information useful… By now most of you have seen some of our social media posts about wildfire safety and defensible space. We have written about this same concern for. Those people who have taken our advice seriously and worked hard to improve your homes safety, we can’t thank you enough. This year’s awful fire season will have long lasting affects to our area, including limiting when or where we can target practice or even what the various municipalities will be doing regarding firework displays. Please….do your part to help not only your family but your entire community in keeping fire safety in mind. Our insurance company partners are working hard right alongside us in our attempt to keep our clients safe. We would like to highlight one of them specifically, Safeco Insurance Company. Safeco recently launched the Safeco Wild Fire Defense Program. The Wildfire Defense Program can provide crews to remove overgrown vegetation, fuel tanks or trash from a property. They may also use temporary sprinkler systems or fire engines and, in some situations, will apply fire-blocking gel to protect homes. What a GREAT idea and we thank Safeco Insurance Company for going the extra mile.
We will close by taking the time to thank our beloved Firefighters. We just couldn’t live in our desert environment without the team of firefighters that once again, showed mother nature who’s boss, and kept our community out of danger. We drove out to Pyramid Lake recently and the fire and retardant lines got within feet of homes. NONE of those families would have homes today without the courage, hard work and loyalty of our Firefighters. THANK YOU Firefighters!!!!