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February 2018 Blog

Welcome back to the HIA readers!  We appreciate you following us in our blog efforts and welcome any and all feedback, comments or questions.   As a loyal reader, you must remember us getting on our soap box and strongly counseling our readers to NOT follow a work truck, or passenger vehicle or truck, with virtually ANYTHING in or on the back out of fear that something may fly out… Well I have the VERY BEST story ever as to why you don’t want to follow a truck with anything in the back of it!

A couple of months ago while on an annual trip to Oregon to do some salmon fishing, Larry and Starla Heuer were driving on Interstate 5 just North of Medford, fortunately on a divided highway, when all of a sudden they looked over to the other side of the highway where a seemingly expensive and very tricked out black Ford Mustang was coming off a tow truck at 60 miles an hour. You should have seen the chrome parts and hot rod wheels flying off that classic car!

The real strange part of the story is, although this happened in a split second, it was on a straight away and they could see the tow truck continue down the road and never once saw any brake lights from the tow truck!  Be careful out there friends.


As for Agency happenings, we have had a few. Dustin Snell got married early in January. We couldn’t be happier for him or his new wife Cindy. Dustin also celebrated a work anniversary just yesterday; feel free to shoot him a call congratulating him on another successful year.



Also, Derek and his Rotary Club (Reno Midtown) were recognized at the area Foundation dinner for their work in support of the Rotary Foundation. We support Rotary here at HIA and would suggest you do too. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged a 2-1 match on any donation which is being used to fight the eradication of the Polio disease.

Lastly on the agency front, we have an awesome new twist to our referral program. This is so new I haven’t filled in the team here at HIA so you’ll have to check back next month to find out what it is. I can tell you this… it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!


Thanks for reading and please BE SAFE this weekend. There are a lot of unsafe drivers after the Super bowl and we’d hate for a loved one or client to get caught on the wrong end of an accident or DUI checkpoint. Please consider a designated driver, UBER or a Taxi when the game is over.


God Bless America and its proud Military!  Thanks for keeping us free!