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I have been working with Rhonda Hendrickson as my agent for over 10 years. She consistently finds ways to save our family money on all of our policies. Not to mention she’s so nice! Thanks a bunch!

Chris L
Reno, NV

Michelle Meeks is the most efficient agent that I work with in the Reno/Sparks area!

Elise H
Reno, NV

“Cheryl Ulma has been my personal lines agent for about 10 years, she is the absolute best! I feel she goes above and beyond for my family and I cant thank her enough. Cheryl will be my agent FOREVER. Thanks for all you do!!

Aaron S
Sparks, NV

“You guys are the very best I’ve ever dealt with.”

Kris T
Project Manager for Tahoe Reno Industrial Center
Sparks, NV

“New to Nevada area was shopping for house insurance spoke to Dustin Snell he found the best rates for us it was such an easy process! So happy with his service switched my sons Auto to him also had great rates will be changing my own Auto next! Highly recommend him he’s the best to deal with & all the services the agency offers ”

Lisa C
Sparks, NV

“I’ve had at least one and often multiple policies with Heuer Insurance since 1980. The reason I come back year after year is because of the customer service. Even if I haven’t called the office in ages, they remember me (or do an amazing job acting like they do) and the staff is so very efficient and cheerful.

I cannot think of another insurance agency — or any other business for that matter — with the same level of expertise and enthusiasm for what they do.”

Susan F
Las Vegas, NV

“My agent is awesome! Cheryl does a great job of looking out for my interests”

Robert R
Sparks, NV

“Hi LaRee,

Thank you for all you do for me. You and Heuer Insurance are the BEST and have always been there for me when I needed you all. From the moment I walked into your office in 2009 and every time since you have treated me with the upmost respect and have always found the best coverage for me as you know exactly what my wishes are as far as been well insured.

Thanks again for all you do, you rock.”

Diana B
Reno, NV

Once again you have proven your first place rating!
Thanks for taking such good care of us..”

Dan L
Bellingham, WA

“Thank you, LaRee. After working with you, I can certainly understand why Jennifer, who I hold in high regard, recommended you.

Sam W
Reno, NV

“I cannot say enough great things about this agency and Laree Cobb! LaRee is always quick and efficient at helping us with every change and adjustment we have ever made to our policy. Even when my husband was rear-ended, LaRee bridged the gap between our Safeco Agent and us to make sure that things were done correctly and we were taken care of immediately. You cannot go wrong with Heuer Insurance Agency, they really will take care of you and yours!”

Amanda & Steve Duncan
Sparks, NV

“Hello, LaRee.
Thank you so much for responding so well to our inquiries regarding changes in our homeowners and automobile insurance. Being able to directly contact an agent with your experience and knowledge is a breath of fresh air. You have spoiled us with your personal attention and knowledge and we are so happy to place our insurance with your agency. I am just sorry that we have not made this change earlier.”

Michael and Alison Parsons
Reno, NV

“Dear Heuer Insurance Agency,
What an amazing team I have working for me at Heuer Insurance Agency. They never cease to amaze me, and always go the extra mile to make sure my insurance needs are met (no matter how crazy they are).This past week, a brand new customer that I had never worked with before, called me Tuesday afternoon at 2:55 PM PST and requested my companies services for Thursday and Friday of the same week starting at 7 AM. By the time my request for additional coverage could get submitted, the team of underwriters had already closed shop for the day, leaving one business day to obtain approval and documentation.
Wednesday, as the work day progressed, my fears of having to refuse service to a brand new customer felt like they may become a reality. At 3:30 PM, a verbal approval had been given, and I thought we were out of the rough water, and it was smooth sailing from there. However, at 4 PM, the customer notified me that they MUST have written documentation of coverage before we would be allowed to provide services on their premises.
My uncertainty began to rise again, however Adam Heuer and Michelle Meeks were not fazed at all. Michelle, went the extra mile for me, sacrificed her own time and by 5 PM, I had the documentation in my hands, and off to the customer.
The event was saved, the guests never knew anything about the behind the scenes struggles, the customer was ecstatic about the service they received and will be contacting Vaca Valet for future services.
I count myself blessed to have such an amazing team working for me.
Thank you Heuer Team.”

Brett Murphy
Vaca Valet, LLC
Vacaville, CA

“Hi LaRee – Thank you so much for meeting me today. You’re a great agent, because you actually kept my mail, for like 2 months! That shows you actually care. I really liked meeting you in person today. You’re a pro, nice to know you have my back. Thanks Again.”

Nick Bodin
Sparks, NV

“LaRee, thank you for such a wonderful application experience. Your industry knowledge and great communication skills made the process easy and fun. I look forward to doing business with the Heuer Insurance Agency for years to come.”

Ed Porter
Sparks, NV

“Both Linda and I greatly appreciated the time and effort you spent with us earlier today explaining our policies and options. You have been a big help with our insurance, LaRee, and we appreciate the detail that you have provided.”

Rich A
Reno, NV

“I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of our insurance needs and getting us signed up for the equipment coverage. They have processed a check for us covering the complete replacement of our AC system, minus the $500 deductible.. Thanks to you we saved $5000! Have a great day!”

Reno, NV
June 2015

“Thank you to the entire staff of Heuer Insurance taking care of all of our auto, property, personal and business insurance needs for over 30 years!
Your attention to detail and customer service are just two of the many reasons we recommend your company to all of our customers and friends! Keep up the great work!”

Dee Martinmaas
Nevada Motorcycle Specialties
July 2013

“Heuer insurance has been an excellent partner with us over the last decade. As a consulting business, our insurance needs change frequently and Adam Heuer is always on top of our policies. He is able to ensure that our needs are covered at the best price point. His staff are always courteous and helpful for all the little things that come up. I highly recommend Heuer to anyone who cares about great service at a fair price. ”

Susan Clark, Ph.D.
Nevada Venture Accelerator
July 2013

“As always, Debi Baucom is such a professional and a pleasure to work with but Cheryl Ulma went out of her way last week, went above and beyond to make sure we had no issues over the holiday weekend.

We traded in our motor home in Sacramento and bought a new had to be driven to the border so we could take delivery in Nevada. There were some technical issues going on with the Total Loss Replacement endorsement and liability in transit..she gave me her home telephone number to call her on Friday if we had any problems!

I was so impressed and wanted to thank you and her for making sure we were taken care of when the office was closed. I wanted to let you know..everyone complains when something goes wrong but no one says “Thanks” when it all goes right. ”

Alexia and Dave Rogers
The Door Man of Sierra NV
July 2013

“Dear HIA,

I must say that the customer service we receive with your company is outstanding. Rhonda and Adam have been there for us since the beginning and have stuck by us. A lot of companies are all about the customer service when they are trying to get your business, then once they have you signed you never can get a hold of them again until renewal time. But everyone at HIA has been just as helpful after the purchase of our plan as they were the first time we spoke. We have had a ton of changes in our life in the last year and every time we call or email with a question we get the info right away. Thank you for all your help.”

April Fitzgerald
July 2013

“As a long-time client of Heuer Insurance, I appreciate the personal, friendly service they provide. My agent, Cheryl Ulma, knows my situation and my needs and always offers great advice. When I have questions or need help, it’s a comfort to know she’s only a phone call away. When it comes to choosing my insurance coverage, Cheryl’s caring and expertise make the difference for me.”

T. Gorden
July 2013

“I have been with Heuer Insurance since LaRee helped me insure my first car at the age of 16, and my family has been with them for I don’t know how many years before that. Going on 20 years and a couple cars later, LaRee is still there for me. In fact, I don’t know what I’d do without her. She always provides excellent, personable service above and beyond just about anyone else I do business with, and has always gotten me the best rates possible. Honestly though, service isn’t even the right word; talking to LaRee is like talking to family.Now, I am working with Adam on insuring our small business, and as I expected, it is more of the same excellence. It is comforting to know that I am working with best agents in the business and that as long as they are there, my needs are covered.”

Aaron Conkey
Owner The Loft Dance Theater Arts
July 2013

“We moved to Sparks 19 years ago and have been with Heuer ever since. LaRee Cobb has seen our family through two teenage drivers and explained all our options to make informed decisions about costs for teen drivers. As those teen drivers grew and then bought their own homes and cars, they became clients with Laree as well!I always get a prompt phone call back from LaRee, and appreciate the way she explains options. When the housing market jumped dramatically, she called to make sure our home was adequately covered at the time, and when the market dived, she also gave us the information necessary to make any adjustments we felt we needed.

We recently had an experience where auto coverage lapsed with one of our now adult children. Still listed on the title, we got a notice from the DMV. Laree was so kind to us and our son, and didn’t make him feel like a failure…just a mistake. She reinstated coverage, he learned from it, and we really understood she cares about the family.

It’s nice to know Laree has our back for so many aspects of our insurance needs.”

Corinne Dickman

“About 15 years ago I was looking for a new insurance company and was introduced to Cheryl Ulma with Heuer Insurance. Cheryl found a great insurance company for us at a rate that was unbelievable! About 3 years ago I received a phone call from Cheryl in regards to my Homeowners Insurance! She said that it was time to update my policy! Thank goodness we did because about 4 months after our conversation we had a fire at our house! We lost everything!!!!  We were devastated!

Thanks to Cheryl and our great Insurance our house was rebuilt within 4 months, all of our belongings replaced and our family was able to move on! Did I mention that Cheryl contacted me several times to see if we are in need of anything!?

My 16 year old teenager is now driving and once we found out how much our insurance is going up my jaw dropped! Again thanks to Cheryl we are able to have a new driver on our insurance at an affordable rate!

Thank you, Cheryl Ulma for everything! I am very grateful to have you as my agent!”


“When I retired from the insurance industry, I met with Larry Heuer and turned my husband’s business insurance-all of it- over to Heuer Insurance. I have the utmost respect for Larry and his entire staff. They are diligent, thorough, responsive and knowledgeable. Most of all, they are patient with this retired insurance broker who knows the business! When we purchased an RV, we had Heuer Insurance get us the best coverage at the best price. When we need Certificates of Insurance, they are to us within minutes. Our questions are answered quickly and in writing. Our quotes are professional, our coverage’s are always summarized in writing when the policies are delivered. Having spent 20+ years doing what they do, I have a sincere appreciation for the hard work they put into each and every client. Thank  you, Larry, for putting together such a dedicated staff, and a huge Thank You to Debi Baucom and Cheryl Ulma. You guys are awesome!”

Alexia Rogers, The Door Man of Sierra NV, Inc.

“I am very happy with the service that I have experienced in the 20+ years that I have been with Heuer. I have absolutely no complaints or negative comments to make. They have always been very prompt in all the various services they have done for me. They have always been very courteous to me and my husband. Most recently Cheryl Ulma took care of a DMV issue for us and was extremely prompt. We truly appreciate all the great service we have experienced. All this has made our life a little more simple in this otherwise very complex world.”

Thank you, Scott and Lorna

“What a GREAT way to start the day to receive an anonymous voice mail from a client thanking us for the verbiage we put on our agency envelopes. She went on to say that she wishes more businesses had the same feelings as we do when we put IN GOD WE TRUST on every envelope we send out! She ended the call by stating “seeing that on your envelope wants my family to NEVER seek insurance anywhere else!” THANK YOU to that anonymous phone call from a very valued Heuer Insurance Agency client!”



I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all of your years of service and help.  Insurance agents are supposed too be there when we need them and I cannot think a time over that twelve years that you have not been there.  You have answered all of my questions and guided me on the right path for my insurance needs.  I also have to say that you attitude and commitment to my needs (and I assume your other clients) is something rare these days.  I know that my needs will always be met by your excellent service.

Thank you again and know that I will be your customer as long as you choose to be there!”

Lance Foster


I just wanted to drop you a little note about a wonderful employee that you have on your team. I have been working with Cheryl Ulma since about 2001 when I purchased my auto insurance with Heuer Insurance. I recently purchased my first house. Not knowing exactly where to start with homeowners insurance I called Cheryl for assistance. She is always more than willing to help me out!!! I have run into a couple bumps on the way and even thou it is not her job to help me solve problems, I feel comfortable knowing she will point me in the right direction.  I feel that I am truly taken care of and that she knows me (even thou we have never even met). I just wanted to give her a pat on the back for a job well done. It makes me glad to know there are still great people out there.”

Jennifer Powell

“With Thanksgiving here already, I thought it a perfect time to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do for me, and recently, for my husband Terry also, as clients of Heuer Insurance. Through many life-changing events over the past thirteen-plus years, you have assisted me with expert advice and gracious personalized service.  Talking to you is always so pleasant – it feels like interacting with an old friend who knows my “history” and therefore knows how to best meet my insurance needs. Several times over the years, you have taken the time to carefully review my coverage and deductible amounts in great detail and with careful explanation to make sure that I understood how it all works, while ensuring that I received the best value for my money.  As house values and vehicle values increased, and decreased, with earthquakes and artwork, and marriage, and deaths in my family, which all caused changes in coverage needs, you have always been there for me with patience, compassion, and efficient service. I will never forget the time Terry and I had to re-title our vehicles for the trust we had established after our marriage.  The DMV had no clue how to do this.  You spent the better part of your morning (even though I called at the last minute) researching this for us and making sure the DMV knew how to process the paperwork for us. Then you provided the actual documents which we needed to take to the DMV that very day. A few weeks ago, you helped me to change our three separate policies from monthly automatic checking account deductions to annual payments.  Again, you were very patient and knowledgeable on the best way to accomplish this with Safeco.  You provided immediate and thorough follow-up to ensure that the change was completed accurately.  You explained exactly what I could expect in the next week or two from Safeco in terms of updated policy and billing statements. I told you then that I hope you never retire because you have spoiled me over these many years with such extraordinary customer service. So thank you for all that you do, with a smile in your voice!  Have a Blessed and Bountiful Thanksgiving!”

Barbara Joy

LaRee has been helping us with our insurance needs since 2004. At that time, I was a Trustee of a Family Trust that had their insurance with Heuer. I found LaRee to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. From this favorable experience, we turned our own insurance needs over to her, cancelling it with our other insurer. She has been on top of things as they come up, and has been advising us on our needs ever since. We appreciate her expertise and thoroughness. She is terrific to work with.

Jim & Patti Jeffers

“A while back, I received another huge annual premium billing for my homeowners insurance. Exasperated, I called Larry Heuer and his team to see if they could find me the same coverage at a lower price from a highly-rated company. The result was a substantially reduced premium! The lesson is, if your insurance agent is willing to hustle and dig around, you can get the lowest possible premium for comparable coverage. I was so satisfied, I asked Larry to bid on one of my commercial properties, and he did it again!”

Bob Sader
Trustee, Sader Nevada Trust

“I have been working with Heuer Insurance for the past 24 years. Although many places have tried to lure me away for “better prices or specials”, I will not entertain the idea. Why? I have always felt like a member of the family and not just a policy waiting to be paid. It is said that you build relationships through quality service, listening to the client, fulfilling their needs and being proactive in your recommendations. I feel that Heuer Insurance has done that and more! My agent, Cheryl Ulma, and the rest of the staff are always responsive and professional. They are family!”

Lori McGarry
Reno, NV

“Just thought I would drop you a quick note regarding the PERSONAL SERVICE & ATTENTION I experienced with your insurance firm during the “start-up” of my Instant Lube last year. One thing that did not cause me any concern was the implementation of the various bonds & insurance coverages required  by the City, State & others. After I selected Heuer Insurance it was done with very little effort from me. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Larry you have a very smooth operation – please thank Debi & the staff also.”

Richard L. “Rick” Fields

“The best thing about working with Heuer Insurance for our insurance services is the consistent, prompt service on all our requests. In previous years, the other companies we worked with had such a constant turn-over of agents that renewal quotes were pushed back to the last possible minute and my other requests were constantly shuffled to the newest employee or someone who had no knowledge of our business.( So you better not leave Debi, I love working with you!!)”

Cathy Revak
Triangle Builders of Nevada

“Since 1990, Heuer has handled all my home, auto and life insurance needs. As my life changed and my needs evolved, the Heuer team has always been there for me. Even when I moved out of the area, I stayed with Heuer because they never fail to meet my expectations.”

Mark Thorsell
Sales Manager/Rotary Switch Division
Elma Electronic, Inc./USA

“Cheryl Ulma and Heuer Insurance have been just remarkable in providing service above and beyond my expectations. In my forty years of working with insurance agents, she has been the one that has taken any obstacles and removed them. While other agents/companies have been highly responsive during the sales process, she has ensured that any claims are handled in a manner that reflects the quality of the Safeco policy. Highly recommend her and she has shown over and over again, that you do not know the value of what you have until you really need it.”

Howard Morgan

“I was introduced to Cheryl Ulma and Heuer Insurance 7 years ago by a friend. We now use Heuer Insurance for all of our personal and business insurance needs. She has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She is not only very professional but very personable always making a point to ask about my family. Cheryl is the reason I have recommended my family and my friends to Heuer Insurance. Cheryl has the best customer service in the business!”

Jamie Debates
Sparks, NV

“Cheryl has always had our best interests in mind when helping us with both our home and car insurance. She is friendly, knowledgeable and always has time for us. Cheryl explains policies in detail until she is satisfied we understand them. We have been with her for over 10 years and some of our children continued with her as adults. We feel lucky to have her!”

Kristi Olson
Sparks, NV