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While many people in today’s fast-paced world may be unaware, most business owners recognize that industry thrives on transportation. From shipping goods on a large scale to reliable taxi services, to running errands for your boss in the company truck, people often use commercial vehicles without realizing it.

If you operate or run a business in Nevada that uses vehicles you need to know about commercial vehicle insurance. Whether vehicles are essential to what you do or you simply have a company-owned car for errands and trips, learning more about commercial vehicle insurance can help protect your assets, your employees, and the ultimate success of your business.

What Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Just as regular car insurance protects the vehicles you own, commercial vehicle insurance provides protection for any vehicle your business owns or leases. Similarly, there are multiple coverage policies available depending on what your business needs and what types of vehicles you are looking to insure. This includes collision coverage, property damage liability, and bodily injury liability.

Some of the factors that may determine your specific policy and coverage include the number of vehicles you are looking to insure, the drivers of the vehicles and their personal driving history, and your average mileage, to name just a few.

Understanding these different policies is essential to saving money and finding peace of mind for you and your employees. For this, you’ll need a reliable insurance company with experience in the commercial vehicle insurance industry. Turning to professionals can save you time and ultimately save you money.

How Can Heuer Insurance Help You and Your Business?

Our knowledgeable team at Heuer Insurance is known for helping businesses of all shapes and sizes find commercial vehicle insurance in Reno, Nevada and the surrounding areas. We work closely with top-named commercial insurance companies to help you find affordable insurance for your company’s vehicles.

At Heuer Insurance, we can help you safeguard all of your important company vehicles:

We can also work with contractors, sales representatives, landscapers, and more! We specialize in specific care delivered in a friendly, timely manner. No matter what your company needs, we are dedicated to working together with you to offer you affordable, effective commercial vehicle insurance.

We are also skilled in helping you find discounts based on your CDL (Commercial Driver License) experience and the years you have been in business.

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