Reno Universal Life Insurance for Reno, Sparks, and Beyond

Reno universal life insurance features a savings element that grows on a tax-deferred basis. A portion of your premiums are invested by the insurance company in bonds, mortgages and money market funds. A guaranteed minimum interest rate applied to the policy (usually around 4%) means that, no matter how the investments perform, the insurance company guarantees a certain minimum return on your money.

Many Reno universal life insurance policies today offer a no-lapse guarantee: as long as you pay the minimum premium, the policy will stay in force to age 121. However, just paying the minimum guaranteed premium is rarely sufficient when trying to build up significant cash value to offset the increase cost of insurance as you age.

Benefits of Reno universal life insurance include, but are not limited to:

  • Flexible or Structured Payments
  • Flexible Death Benefit
  • Permanent Coverage
  • Builds Cash Value
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty

In Sparks, Reno, and surrounding areas, universal life insurance gives you the flexibility to adjust the death benefit as your needs change, as well as the flexibility to pay smaller or larger premiums. This is often an important feature for families who may have difficulty in their ability to pay.

Heuer Insurance also offers term life insurance, universal life insurance, return of premium life insurance, fixed annuities, key man life insurance, and more – as well as policies for residents of Sparks and all of greater Nevada.


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