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5 Things To Go The Extra Mile For When Spring Cleaning

Well cleaned home

After months of cold weather and harsh temperatures, March 20th finally marks the first day of spring. Chances are this warm weather is encouraging you to give your home the thorough cleaning it probably needs.

Though warm-weather cleaning might not be for everyone, thousands of Americans spend hours each spring scrubbing walls, sweeping floors, dusting furniture and much more. When you dig into spring cleaning this year, don’t skimp on these 5 essentials.

  • Don’t Neglect The “Top Zone”

The “top zone” or anything above your head is one of the first places you should clean. Ledges, tall windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, and door frames all collect dust over the winter. By targeting these areas first, you can prevent dirt and debris from settling on freshly cleaned floors and furniture. You can also use this time as an opportunity to replace burnt-out light bulbs and deteriorated, ineffective filters.

  • The Three C’s

When cleaning your home, be sure not to neglect the three C’s: ceilings, corners, and closets.

Ceilings and corners are notorious for collecting cobwebs, dust, debris, and dirt and are easily overlooked when doing a quick vacuum clean during the winter. Also, be sure to open up your closets and give them a thorough clean. Take this opportunity to grease squeaky hinges and sliding tracks as well.

  • Concentrate On Eye Level Areas

After cleaning out the nooks, crannies, closets, and ceilings, take note to thoroughly clean everything at eye level. This includes windows, walls, bookshelves, and tall furniture. You should also consider the following:

  • Dust wall hangings like pictures, mirrors, clocks, etc.
  • Wash both sides of windows
  • Dusting bookshelves, tall lamps and other furniture
  • Washing, ironing and re-hanging curtains
  • Don’t Forget The Floor

Before giving your floors a thorough scrubbing, be sure to clean the baseboards, shake out and vacuum mats, runners and rugs. This is a good time to put away any floor coverings you won’t need in the summer months. Sweep and mop any hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors and be sure to wash any small area rugs, as these collect bacteria, dust, and debris over time. Also consider renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaner to give your treaded carpets a deep, effective clean.

  • Keep Your Kitchen In Mind

As the heart of our home, giving your kitchen a thorough clean is essential. And as a high-traffic, high-mess, and high-maintenance area, your kitchen is sure to need it. There are a few extra steps you need to take to thoroughly clean your kitchen.

  • Clean the inside of your fridge and freezer, stove and dishwasher
  • Clean countertop accessories like the toaster, teapot, microwave, coffee maker, etc.
  • Remove all items from the countertop and clean well, being sure to pay attention to the backsplash
  • Thoroughly go through each cupboard or shelf in your pantry and remove each item to clean in and around the area. When replacing them, consider organizing to make your life easier.
  • Clean and deodorize your garbage and recycling bins

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9 Tips to Living a Healthier Life, Starting Today

healthy lifestyle

There’s so much advice out there telling us how we can be thinner, happier, sexier, more productive, etc. Wouldn’t you prefer to cut through the irrelevant tips and tricks and find something simple and easy that you can apply to your life starting today?

Here are 9 basic, actionable tips that will help you live a healthier life for real.

1.     Get enough sleep at night

A healthy lifestyle begins with a full-night’s sleep. Without enough sleep, you could be left unfocused and unmotivated, not to mention at higher risk for many diseases.

2.     Drink lots of water

Water keeps you functioning—it comprises two thirds of your body after all. With enough water each day, you’ll be more alert and energetic.

3.     Don’t skip breakfast

You may just find that the benefits of eating breakfast far exceed the excuses you make for skipping the “most important meal of the day.”

4.     Go for walks

Improving your health can be as simple as walking up to 12 miles per week. Explore a nearby nature hike, take the stairs rather than the elevator, or go on a simple walk around the block to clear your mind; before you know it, those 12 miles will fly by.

5.     Make a new friend

Friends are there for you when you need them, but they are also good for your health.

6.     Enjoy the sunshine

Don’t get sunburned, but soak in some rays nonetheless to reap the benefits of vitamin D.

7.     Snack on healthy foods between meals

Those in-between meals can either be a boon to your health, or a contributor to your waistline. Swap out high-fat, high-sugar snacks for natural, raw fruits, berries, veggies, and nuts.

8.     Chew your food

By simply chewing your food longer, you’re actually aiding in your body’s digestive process. It will also make dinner more savory (as it should be).

9.     Explore a new hobby

Exploring new hobbies and activities is a great way to reduce stress (which, by the way, has many adverse health effects, both mental and physical).

These 9 tips are examples of the little things in life that, on their own, don’t seem like a big deal, but when you give them a shot they can have a huge benefit on your health and wellbeing!


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