Why Vacant Home Insurance Is Crucial

vacant home insurance

If you are planning to leave your home vacant for a long period of time, it is crucial that you invest in vacant home insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

When do you need vacant home insurance?

There are many different reasons someone may need to leave a home vacant. Common situations include:

  • The home is being renovated and the owners are living somewhere else during the construction.
  • The home is a second home used during certain times of the year.
  • The home is a rental property and there are no current renters.
  • The home is up for sale and the owners have moved away.
  • The home is vacant while owners are traveling for an extended period of time.

No matter the situation, if your home will be vacant for three months or more, it is important to invest in vacant home insurance.

What risks do vacant homes face?

Vacant homes need extra protection because they face extra risks. Vacant homes are more likely to be the target of thieves, trespassers, and vandals. Vacant homes are also more susceptible to insect infestations, broken or frozen pipes, and other problems that result when a home is unattended. A traditional home insurance policy will not be adequate—be sure to invest in the extra protection that comes with a vacant home insurance policy.

What coverage options are available?

Coverage options will vary from state to state and from company to company, but in most cases vacant home insurance is available for homes that will be empty for 3 to 36 months. In some cases, you may be able to add vacant home coverage to your current home insurance policy. In other cases you’ll need to find separate coverage. Talk to an insurance agent today about finding coverage for your vacant home.

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What Is Vacant Home Insurance and Do I Need It?

If you own a second home that you leave vacant anywhere from 3 to 36 months, it is recommended that you invest in vacant home insurance in order to keep an eye on it. Here are a few reasons why this type of insurance would help you.

What is it?

Vacant home insurance protects your home financially if it is vandalized while you’re away. There comes a point in a child’s life when they are no longer afraid of abandoned homes, as if they’re haunted. These rambunctious youth are the most common offender of vandalism, but animals, weather, and burglars are also a threat. Even if you have neighbors checking in on your house every now and then, that doesn’t give you the financial protection you need in case of a break-in.

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